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Animon Story ANI-THOLOGY is now available!

Explore both the human world and the animon world as your Animon Story unfolds! The 9 adventures and scenarios within are diverse and engaging, taking players to many different places, and introducing them to lots of new animon.

With such a wide range of story experiences, the ANI-THOLOGY is perfect for running short one-off stories, and for expanding the story and setting of a full animon campaign.

You can pick up this new adventure collection right here!


  • The Ani-Mall by W.H. Arthur Hang out at the hottest destination around, a massive shopping mall made just for animon tamers! But in a place so busy, it's hard to tell what's going on beneath the surface. Some say the top floor is haunted!

  • Dappling Wold by Sarah Jack & Zak Barouh Enjoy the serenity of Dappling Wold, a peaceful corner of the animon world where many come to camp, fish, cook, and bask in natural wonder. A cosy scenario that players can return to whenever they want!

  • Herbacia & Hydropondal by Greg Leatherman When Herbacia's Bud Awakening Festival is ruined by terrible storms sent from the Aquatic realm of Hydropondal, is the long-held peace between these neighbouring kingdoms breaking down?

  • Invaders & Strays by Zak Barouh There's no rest for our heroes, as animon keep appearing and causing trouble in the human world. Play out classic 'monster of the week' stories many times over with this useful adventure builder!

  • Oasis by Ava Islam Journey to a mystical oasis of healing waters, and uncover the terrible secrets that lie beneath the surface. When human and animon are pitted against each other, who will you side with?

  • Prepare for Trouble! by Cat Elm Disgraced animon scientist Dr. Jude Harrison has gathered together the worlds most notorious criminals and formed a new gang, Team Ravage. Able to somehow steal powers from animon they capture, can anyone stop these villains?

  • Robotanist's Greenhouse by Zak Barouh Once the greenhouse was tended by a crew of many mechanical caretakers, now only one Robotanist remains. As the power and water systems fail, matters are made worse by a strange invasive weed that threatens all Plant animon!

  • The Runaway by Zak Barouh A runaway train almost causes a head-on collision, only to vanish into thin air. When it's discovered the train is in-fact a sentient train animon on a rampage, can anyone stop them in their tracks before it's too late?

  • The Weeping Sewers of Peltra by TorTheVic Once a month, strange mournful cries drift out of the ancient sewer system of Peltra, a distant metropolis of the animon world. Delve down beneath the city to find out why, and unearth the mysteries of the past.

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