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The TTRPG about Kids
& their Monster friends!

Animon Creator's League
3rd Party Agreement

This agreement is intended to clarify the ways in which you can create, publish, and sell 3rd party content related to the Animon Story TTRPG, and to encourage those looking to do so. Work that you create is and always will be entirely yours, and as long as you adhere to the following terms, you may use and share it in any way without express permission from Zak Barouh (creator of Animon Story).

Please note that discriminatory, bigoted, and otherwise hurtful content is expressly denied the permissions set out in this agreement.


1.  Requirements

1.1. You understand that Zak Barouh does not personally endorse individual creators or works produced under this agreement, unless otherwise stated. Your products are entirely your own responsibility.

1.2. You must include the following text in product descriptions and credits:

Animon Story is copyright of Zak Barouh. This product [or insert product name] has been produced independently based on the Animon Creator’s League 3rd party agreement, and is unaffiliated with Zak Barouh.


1.3. You must not give the impression that your product is an official Animon Story release. You may not use the Animon Story logo, or any other official branding marks. You are encouraged (but not required) to use the following badge, to indicate your work is compatible with Animon Story:


1.4. As mentioned, you may publish and sell 3rd party content based on this agreement. If you plan to use a crowdfunding campaign to produce this content, you must make direct contact via with the name, description, and planned dates of the campaign.


2.  Content

2.1. You may reference game mechanics and rules from the Animon Story rulebook, and present new content in the same format as is used in that book (for example Kid Types). This includes specific terminology and repeated phrases.

2.2. Art and text from any Animon Story book may not be reproduced directly. This includes animon descriptions, and illustrations.

2.3. If your 3rd party content falls outside of the all-ages tone of official Animon Story products, you must make that clear in product descriptions with relevant content warnings.

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