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A huge expansion for Animon Story is coming to Kickstarter!


Legend’s Wake is a new expansion for Animon Story, the TTRPG about Kids & their Monster friends!


Legend’s Wake expands upon the original Animon Story rulebook in every way, providing more depth, more options for players and GMs, more guidance for running the game, and a fully developed setting and campaign to play out of the book, or customised to your liking!


Journey across the Dunia Region, a place where humans and animon live alongside one another. This is a world of both tradition and progress, where sparkling modern cities meet rustic rural villages. As new technology confronts ancient legendary powers, can harmony truly be found between humans and animon?


The Legend’s Wake expansion is presented as both as digital PDF and physical hardcover book, which will be produced upon successful funding of this Kickstarter.


Alongside the Legend's Wake book is a brand new card deck, featuring 50 newly illustrated animon cards alongside their game stats! This new deck will include loads of new animon from the Legend's Wake expansion.

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