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Announcing the ANI-THOLOGY!

Visit a bustling shopping mall for Animon Tamers, a healing oasis with a dark secret, an ancient sewer system beneath a strange Animon city and many more exciting places in this adventure collection for Animon Story!

The ANI-THOLOGY! is a collection of adventures designed to be easily used in an ongoing campaign, or run as individual stories. You'll find this collection bursting with the creativity of these brilliant TTRPG writers:

Cat Elm (@cat_elm)

Greg Leatherman (@whitewing)

TorTheVic (@verdeamorim)

Arthur (@Aryl_Ether)

Sarah Jack (@SarahJackC)

& myself (@ZakBFree)!

Expect to hear more about the ANI-THOLOGY! soon, hopefully before a late 2021 release!

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